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The Orla Dress - Free PDF Sewing Pattern

The Orla Dress - Free PDF Sewing Pattern


Orla is a versatile, everyday dress with a semi-fitted bodice and a flattering, slightly raised waist. The skirt is gently gathered for comfort & ease of movement and falls just above the knee if you are 170cm tall. Please adjust length according to your height and preferences.

This is, and always will be, a free pattern. I am in the process of expanding the size range of this, and all my patterns.

If you feel that you loved this pattern and would like to help facilitate this process by assisting me in affording to outsource some asepcts of this process then any donation that you are able to afford will be greatly appreciated. Again, I want to stress that this is completely not expected, and I am grateful to everyone who entrusts their fabric and time to this pattern, whether or not they departed with any money in acquiring it.

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