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The Belinda Button Up Shirt

The Belinda Button Up Shirt

VAT Included

The Belinda Button Up shirt is a basic, long-sleeved shirt offering two collar and cuff treatment options. The dartless bodice is gently shaped, creating a relaxed, but not too boxy, silhouette. Style A features a neat, narrow collar and the classic features of a basic button up shirt. Style B offers a more whimsical aesthetic with a rounded, ruffled collar and ruffled sleeve cuffs. This pattern is a versatile wardrobe workhorse that is suitable to a broad range of fabrics and is also an approachable project for a beginner sewist. 



Light to Medium weight fabrics such as viscose, shirting cotton, chambray, linen, linen/viscose blend, cotton poplin and the like.



  • Sewing thread
  •  9 x 1cm (3/8") buttons
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Fabric marker or chalk


THIS PATTERN IS AVAILABLE AS A PRINT AT HOME TILED PDF (Compatible with both A4 & US Letter Paper) as well as a PROJECTOR file.


IT ALSO INCLUDES A COPY SHOP VERSION The Copy Shop file is a large scale PDF that you can take to a copy shop to be printed. 


BOTH PRINT AT HOME AND COPY SHOP VERSIONS ARE LAYERED PDF’S This means that you are able to print/ view selected sizes only. This not only saves ink (and sometimes paper), but also makes tracing/ cutting your pattern a lot less confusing. 


INCLUDES A DETAILED INSTRUCTION BOOKLET with step-by-step illustrated sewing instructions.


EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Advanced Beginner 

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